157 Industries Celebrating 5 Years

We’re not just another product designing or manufacturing firm in row, we pose the extra ordinance, uniqueness and keen of being exceptional.

This true love towards conception makes us and our customers stand apart from the crowd and feel the positive throttle that runs our mind. We are the one who introduced the India’s first Android app to provide anti-clockwise solution with dual convenience, an anti-clockwise clock for your smartphones lockscreen and an option to buy one for your wrist.

An anticlockwise wristwatch that makes your life go beyond the limits of traditional conceptions, and gives a new shape to your time,but also provide you with just another wrist-watch and a Brain Companion that tackles your brain for a good reason and makes it think a little extensively every once you look for the time.

Here we are to provide you the platform of many other exceptionally unique luxury products which are unseen.if you want to be in this select league of extraordinary people, hence here are we to help you go against the flow. Our mission is to become paradigm of the industry.

Vision of our organization is to increase the satisfaction level of our clients. We execute every plan by sticking to the original ideas and concepts that are difficult but need dare to accomplish.